The EQ Leader Program 2.0

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If you want to grow leaders, a comprehensive program to build Emotional Intelligence skills, based on the ten psychological principles for creating lasting behavior change, is the tool you need. Developing such a program would take countless hours and require enormous effort on your part. But fortunately that work has been done for you.

With the EQ Leader Program you can use your time and effort to market and deliver services instead. Because you’ll want to be seen as the expert when you approach clients, you can brand the customizable materials contained on the accompanying flash drive with your own logo, with no need to give attribution to EQ Leader.
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Page Numbers: 483
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NOTE: While the book ships out of Memphis, TN, the flash drive ships separately out of Roanoke, Virginia. The flash drive *is* included in the pricing and shipping costs, but the estimated shipping dates are JUST for the book. You will be contacted by Peg Ackley of EQ Leader, Inc., regarding your delivery time for the flash drive.

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