EQ Skill Building Exercises (Module 5)

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Coaching sessions can be great for developing insight, self-awareness, and courage to grow. But actual sustainable change requires that your clients practice targeted EQ skills in their everyday world.

The 186 exercises in Module 5 of the EQ Leader Program 2.0 provide concrete, practical methods your clients can use to succeed in EQ skill building. Nobody will need them all, but having this many exercises to choose from will allow for a custom fit. You and your clients can select just the ones that suit their situations and needs.

Here’s what’s included in Module 5:

• One PDF document containing all materials in fixed format. Open the PDF document first to get an overview and some useful introductory material.
• A customizable Microsoft Word version of the exercises for each skill.
• A customizable Microsoft Word version of each of the three ABCDE handouts: CEO, Executive, and Manager (suggested for use with several of the exercises).

You can brand these documents with your own logo and contact info, as well as editing them to add or subtract elements or simply to suit your own style. It is suggested that you save a backup copy of each of these customizable documents before editing them.

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