Promotion: Six of seven senior leaders being prepared for CEO and COO positions in a large
Baldrige Award winning healthcare organization earned significant promotions based on
changes in performance following coaching.

Conflict: A senior Federal Government leader learned conflict management skills that led him to
be able to resolve long standing, budget draining conflicts.

Team effectiveness: A senior IT leadership team, responsible for 750 employees, went from
being known as “the place where projects go to die” to making their unit a high performance
organization. An employee survey found that 88% of employees felt optimistic about changes in
the organization.

Peer influence: A Chief Financial Officer learned how to engage her organization’s leadership
team in building their budget, thereby creating shared ownership and genuine compliance.
Execution: A creative thinker learned how to move beyond ingenuity to make his innovative
program come to life, adding significant income to the organization.

Supervision: A senior leader learned how to leverage direct reports’ skills, enhancing their
contributions to the organization and his reputation as a supervisor.

Negotiation: An executive developed a negotiation strategy with a key business partner that,
among other things, saved his department $800,000 he would previously have left on the table.