I run a coach training program. Is The EQ Leader Program something I could use?

Emotional Intelligence is in great demand among corporate leaders. Integrating EQ into your students’ and alumni’s coaching tool boxes will be a major asset for them.

The EQ Leader Program 2.0 would be a useful addition to what you offer in three ways:

  1. You could use the program manual as a reference, including some of the information in your course lectures.
  2. You could use the program as one of your textbooks, adding to your offerings without having to spend the many hours required to create a new course. Should you want to have a special edition of the manual with your school’s logo on it, or add material (which you would supply), that can be arranged. Contact us for special pricing for bulk purchases for textbooks or special edition textbooks.
  3. As a re-seller, you could offer the manual (or special edition manual) to your alumni as one way to maintain your relationship with them and possibly increase referrals. Contact us about special editions and revenue sharing.


For your program:

  • Add an attractive package to your shelf
  • Add an additional coaching voice without adding faculty
  • Add a new way to reach out to alumni
  • Optional revenue sharing from manual sales (contact us to discuss)

Students will:

  • Be prepared for success in EQ coaching with organizations of all sizes
  • Get exposure to science-based laws of sustainable behavior change
  • Learn about EQ assessment models that identify clients’ coaching needs
  • Be able to explore twenty-five coaching tools
  • Review critical issues and decision making in conducting a coaching relationship
  • Learn how to deal with the anxiety of marketing and selling
  • Learn to market and sell their services, enhancing the economic value of having gone through your program
  • Learn how to conduct the program virtually.

If you like to keep in touch with your alumni, sharing information about The EQ Leader Program 2.0 can be an opportunity to do so. Alumni may be glad to hear about a resource that:

  • Can save them hundreds of uncompensated hours otherwise spent in program development
  • Has materials that they can customize to fit various client organizations
  • Allows them to use their own logo/letterhead to provide clients with program materials without having to give attribution to EQ Leader, Inc., i.e., lets them be the experts
  • Helps them learn how to market and sell their services
  • Provides guidance in overcoming the anxiety of marketing and selling

Alumni and students who buy a copy of the manual will

  • Have access to ready-made, field tested workshops proven to engage participants
  • Have access to 186 field tested EQ skill-building exercises used with clients
  • Receive a flash drive containing all customizable files, including PowerPoint presentations and speakers’ notes, interview and report templates, and all exercises
  • Be able to brand all customizable materials with their own logos.

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