EQ Leader, Inc. works with organizations, their leaders, and their leadership teams to build those elusive non-technical skills that make the difference between ordinary performance and outstanding performance.

Self Awareness: Assessments help leaders and teams know where their strengths lie, and what areas of development would yield the most value. They are specifically designed to identify hidden, often self-imposed barriers to getting to the next level of performance.

Leader Development-Coaching/skill building: Using assessment as a road map, we help leaders overcome obstacles that have stopped them from achieving key goals. Awareness and skill building help leaders break through past limitations. Leaders become poised to achieve superior performance and greater success for their organizations.

Team Development: High performance teams create synergistic outcomes. Dysfunctional teams fail to fully reach critical goals. We help teams pinpoint problem areas in team functioning and learn the five skills critical to team success. Guided practice helps teams bring this new knowledge to life.

Star Performer Studies: We use a tested research process to identify star performers in your organization’s critical positions, allowing you to discover which specific non-technical skills are most likely to help people in these positions succeed. The Star Performer analysis can be applied both to selection and to development.

Leader Selection: The right EQ skills matter as much to success as the right technical skills and knowledge. We can help your organization master this part of the equation. We help you 1) identify the specific qualities, beyond technical skills, that would enable candidates to create the atmosphere needed to carry out your organization’s mission, vision, and values, 2) measure those qualities in leading candidates, and 3) select the best candidates, with predictions for job performance and recommendations for development for those top candidates.

Succession Planning: EQ Leader can help you select and develop the people you need to fill your leadership pipeline. Making sure that the right people get the right development at the right time ensures ongoing organizational success.