EQ Leader, Inc. (Dana Ackley, Ph.D., principal) is a leadership and organizational development company which uses science-based methods that create sustainable behavior change for both executives and their organizations.

Program Development: EQ Leader, Inc. has broad experience in creating systematic programs that work.

  • The EQ Leader Program (MHS, 2006; Ackley, 2020) was the first comprehensive program designed to build Emotional Intelligence skills in executives. It provides leaders with motivation to learn, an accurate base-line assessment, a concrete, detailed, manager-approved plan for development, and practical tools for skill building. It has been used in organizations around the world by consultants who have purchased the EQ Leader Program Manual.
  • EQ Leader, Inc. was engaged by a large hospital system to develop a program to help leaders at all levels “own their role.” As a result, more decisions were made closer to the front lines, freeing senior executives to focus on critical strategic issues.
  • A major metropolitan police force asked EQ Leader to create a leadership development program for its 1,600-member command staff, from sergeant to commander. Performance coaching, where leaders were taught to coach their direct reports, nipping problem behaviors in the bud and spotting candidates for promotion, was a key element of the program.


Executive Coaching: EQ Leader has worked directly with hundreds of executives to strengthen leadership, EQ, and organizational skills.

  • A Baldrige Award winning organization had plateaued on its growth. EQ Leader, Inc. developed a program of individual and team coaching for senior leaders which created a common language for them to use to discuss difficult issues that had blocked growth. Through executive coaching, it also helped these successful leaders become even more effective in their roles. Over the next several years, the organization grew dramatically.
  • Dana Ackley, Ph.D., the founder of EQ Leader, Inc., has been an external executive coach since 2003 at a Fortune 100 financial services firm. Many clients have been promoted to increasingly senior roles as their creative thinking and leadership skills have grown.
  • To continue a dominant role in its changing industry, a company determined it needed to re-organize its senior leadership team. EQ Leader provided assessments to align skills with role demands, and coaching to help leaders master their new roles.


Team Development: EQ Leader provides leadership teams with the skills needed to be exceptional. One team, responsible for 750 associates, went from being “the place where they send projects to die” to an organization that earned high productivity and engagement from its people.

Training: Dana provides in-person training to coaches internationally, having lectured in London, Sydney, Toronto, and the US. Webinars have been attended by coaches from eleven different countries.