A photo of Dr. Dana Ackley doing a consult at his computer.

Consults with Dana

For most folks, developing a coaching business is an up-and-down process. It certainly was for me. It’s easy to get stuck, or to have questions or issues that may slow your progress as you trod new ground. Consults with Dana can address a wide set of issues:

  • Marketing: How to use the Six Steps of Marketing for your specific goals
  • Selling: How to prepare for and conduct a meeting with a prospective client organization
  • Services:  How to translate your idea into a service with real and perceived value
  • Coaching: Such topics as
    • How to approach complex situations. 
    • How to manage multiple stakeholders, including the issue of confidentiality. 
    • How to select the right coaching tool for the situation. 
    • Others because coaching is as complex as therapy.
  • Assessments: 
    • How to design the right selection process. 
    • What interview questions do you want to ask? 
    • How to approach a debrief, particularly a hard one. 
  • EQ-i2.0 advanced interpretation: EQ-i2.0 certification gets you started, but important nuances of meaning can change, based on the particular combination of scores, the background of the leader, and the organizational context. 
  • Workshops: How to design an engaging workshop for a particular audience.

Consults with Dana come in two flavors – 1) group, and 2) individual. Each has its advantages.

Group Consultation

Structure and Process: Minimum of five/maximum of eight participants. Meet for two hours once every three weeks. Commit to six sessions. All relevant topics are fair game. Members will determine meeting content by raising issues for which they want consultation.

Advantages: Learn from both Dana and other group members. Group support. Build relationships that may lead to future opportunities. 

Individual Consultation

Structure and Process: One-on-one meetings typically last an hour each. Raise any topic of concern to you. Have as many meetings as you want, no minimum or maximum. 

Advantage: Privacy. Focus entirely on you and your practice. Schedule at your convenience.


How to Get Started

Group: Please contact Dana about upcoming group sessions. 

Individual: Contact Dana at your convenience.