If you wish to comment on the blog (and we really hope you will — we’d love to  get some great discussion going on the posts!), we’ve provided multiple options for you to join us.

All you need is an account with any of the following: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google (ex: g-Mail), Disqus, or WordPress. It doesn’t matter which one you use.

At the bottom of each blog post, you’ll see a section that looks like this: 


Click on any one of the little boxes on the top right of which you have an account. You’ll get a pop-up which looks like this, no matter which one you select:


Click AGREE. Then you will be redirected to that service (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) and a pop-up agreement for that service will load. If you’re not already logged into your account, you will need to login before you connect. Facebook, for example, will tell you that by connecting your FB account to our blog, will give us access to your name, profile photo, and e-mail address. If you’re using your personal email address for FB and don’t want us to be able to see it, click on Edit Access, and turn off the button for e-mail address before continuing.

Depending on which service you connect with, the pop-up at this point will look a little different. I’m going to show you the one from Facebook as an example (for reference, I was already logged into Facebook when I selected it as my connection option):

The blog will remember your login connection for quite sometime, so you won’t have to go through this again right away.

If you decide you’d like to switch the social service you connect to the blog with, you simply need to logout, and then go through the above process again with the different service.

If you have any questions, please contact our webmaster. She will get back to you ASAP.