Steps and Principles:

Program Steps:

Introductory Seminar: Learn the basics, experiment with EQ tools, gauge the value before making a commitment.

Assessment: Individual interview to identify critical developmental issues and goals; take
EQ-i® self report or 360° version.

Feedback meeting: Ensure clear understanding of personalized report, link results to development goals, choose from menus of relevant exercises.

Build EQ: Ten Step Developmental Plan; manager reviews/approves goals; executive coaching to execute the plan.

Program Principles:

Voluntary participation (Forced involvement creates poor results.)

The executive owns his or her assessment data. (Privacy and control promote honest self assessment and motivated participation.)

Skills selected for development must be linked to benefits for both employer and executive.

Development methods are selected to match the individual’s learning style to maximize results.

Program is based on scientifically established processes that maximize lasting behavior change, i.e., participant and employer receive significant returns on investment.



The comprehensive science based EQ Leader Program builds lasting change in EQ skills that make a dramatic difference in performance.

Articles & Publications

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