The EQ Leader Program:
What can it do for you and your company?

Even executive winners can have barriers to full victory. Do you have someone who . . .

  • Is next in line for a top leadership position, but just isn’t ready?

  • Would be promotable, if only . . . ?

  • Keeps losing direct reports?

  • Rains on everyone’s parade?

  • Is too much of a “yes” man?

  • Flies off the handle?

  • Makes people feel like they need to walk on eggshells?

  • Needs too much direction?

  • Won’t correct his direct reports for fear of losing them as friends?

  • Won’t take direction because he’s never wrong?

  • Doesn’t do his share of the work?

  • Can’t handle change without falling apart?

  • Ignores directives he doesn’t like or feels uncomfortable with?

  • Has lost the respect and loyalty of his direct reports for not keeping commitments, for blowing up, hogging the glory, playing favorites, or showing zero interest in their concerns?

  • Just plain talks too much?

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The comprehensive science based EQ Leader Program builds lasting change in EQ skills that make a dramatic difference in performance.

Articles & Publications

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