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These articles have been written by Dana Ackley, Ph.D. over the last several years in response to various needs and requests. Many were originally published in the Blue Ridge Business Journal. You are welcome to browse the collection for your own use and enjoyment. If you would like to print the articles for distribution or to quote them in writings of your own,  please be sure to include the attribution at the bottom of each article.

As you read the articles, you may see yourself or your business or professional practice reflected in some of the situations being discussed. If so, and if you are curious to see just what could be done to work out some problems that have defied solutions for you in the past, feel free to call and ask to speak with Dana, or if you prefer, email him. He will be happy to help you explore what might work for you. You will likely be surprised to discover a world of solutions that you may never have imagined.

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Glass Walls: Challenge Assumptions
Seven Secrets of an Emotional Intelligence Coach

Don't turn employees into adolescents

Overcoming the Anxiety of a Culture Change
The Basics of Coaching
Before You Buy Training
Building a Team
The Business Benefits of Emotional Intelligence
Business Teams: What and When
A Career in Danger
CEO Pressures
Culture-the personality of a company
Does Coaching Pay?
Downsizing: Dangerous Thinking
Emotional Intelligence: A Constrained Resource
Emotional Management
Emotions as Business Data
Family Filters
Five Dangerous Beliefs
How to Interview a Company
Influential Relationships
Know When to Fold 'Em - The Dollar Auction
Leaders Challenge Dangerous Beliefs
Leadership Talent Management
Learning to Use Your Psychological Equipment
Plan to Network
Management by Optimism
Performance Appraisals: Part 1
Performance Appraisals: Part 2
Performance Appraisals: Part 3
Beware the Pitfalls of 360 Feedback
Recruiting Winners
Relationships Part 1:Relationships Create Profitability
Relationships Part 2:Employee Relationships and Profitability
Relationships Part 3:Strategic Alliances Require EQ
Resonance: Emotional Leadership
Six Leadership Styles: Selecting the Right Leader
The Conversation
The Emotionally Intelligent CEO
The Heart of Problem Solving
What Workers Want
Where Does Behavior Come From?